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Nancy Coltun Webster


Katrina gives new meaning to Web-led crisis response

When New Orleans flooded during Hurricane Katrina last year, it drove marketers to roll up their collective sleeves, in the process ushering in a new level of sophisticated, Internet-savvy corporate social responsibility. State Farm, Wal-Mart, SBC Communications, Wachovia and others reached out to the victims of Hurricane Katrina via Web sites and corporate blogs, as well as traditional media.
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Cosmetics field puts on a good face

A little civic responsibility can be a powerful thing; it could even persuade a woman to change her brand of lipstick. That's the latest thinking of cosmetic companies getting involved in a plethora of cause-marketing programs. The 2004 Cone Corporate Citizenship Study says 91% of women agree that "when a product or company supports a cause I care about, I have a more positive image of that product or company."
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Nancy Coltun Webster is a professional journalist and graphic designer from the Chicago metropolitan area. Most recently, she has been writing local features and taking photos for the Post-Tribune.
Nancy works as a digital assets content manager, writing and editing copy and customizing web graphics. Past clients include non-profit organizations -- the Jewish Federation of Northwest Indiana and Esophageal Cancer Action Network. Nancy also was Deputy Special Reports Editor for Advertising Age in Chicago from 1998 to 2001.



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