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Israeli team has eye on prize in moon visit competition

SpaceIL, one of five finalists in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, aims to build a Challenger center in Israel. Photo by Nancy Coltun Webster
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Remembering the holocaust. "We cannot forget." A : Uncategorized

MUNSTER - Sol Goldstein was a 12-year-old Jewish boy in Warsaw, Poland, in.
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Annual Report


Teen Leadership Promo

Promo for a teen leadership training program.

Greeting Card

Greeting Card to wish a Happy New Year

Teen Event

A mailer for a teen community service event created in Photoshop. Background image is a stock photo altered with filters.

Cultures. Dignity in death. Jewish tradition places special : Uncategorized

"For dust thou art and to dust thou shall return." - Genesis. Many people fear death or believe death is a taboo subject and therefore. avoid discussing or planning for the most unavoidable event of life. Judaism, however, teaches that death is an integral part of a person's life. and the rituals and customs that relate to death are initiated at the moment of.
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Cultures. A lasting tribute to a couple's vows : Uncategorized

"One of the idiosyncracies of Jewish ceremonial art is that it incorporates styles from wherever it is being created," said Olga Weiss, curator at the Spertus Museum of Judaica in Chicago.
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Cultures. Simply tradition. Jewish customs still practiced : Uncategorized

The task of naming of a Jewish child includes religious requirements as.
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Celebrating a people's freedom. Munster family marks Passover

MUNSTER - Tonight, just as they did Monday night, Jews will take their. seats at the Passover "seder" table, lean back in their chairs on soft pillows. and retell a story that has been handed down in this manner for more than. But this year Ernest and Ursula Fruehauf are doing things a little. differently.
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Making Passover "A Private Affair." Valpo

VALPARAISO - Kara Barreda has found a way to meld an ancient Jewish holiday. For $13.95 a person, Barreda's A Private Affair catering will prepare a. "On Passover there are a lot of foods that represent a lot of different. ideas," she said. "It's important to have them on the table, but there's a lot.
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Preparing for Passover. Jewish holiday centers on symbolic

Passover recalls a time when the Hebrew slaves fled the tyranny of Pharoah, crossed the Red Sea and ran into the desert on their way to the Promised Land. The first and second nights of Passover are set aside for a special. observance called the "seder," a meal served in the home. It is during this.
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Nancy Coltun Webster is a professional journalist and graphic designer from the Chicago metropolitan area. Most recently, she has been writing local features and taking photos for the Post-Tribune.
Nancy works as a digital assets content manager, writing and editing copy and customizing web graphics. Past clients include non-profit organizations -- the Jewish Federation of Northwest Indiana and Esophageal Cancer Action Network. Nancy also was Deputy Special Reports Editor for Advertising Age in Chicago from 1998 to 2001.



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